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& Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services ensure that all of your business transactions are recorded accurately and posted to the correct revenue, expense, asset and liability accounts. This allows you to run basic financial reports such as the Income Statement and Balance Sheet and prepare you for any government reporting. These services include:

  • Downloading/entering all bank transactions.

  • Downloading/entering all credit card transactions.

  • Posting all transactions to the correct accounts.

  • Reviewing bank and credit card statements.

  • Reconciling and balancing all accounts.

  • Designing and preparing basic financial reports and designing specific reports as requested.


We set-up and administer payroll for you and all your employees ensuring on time payments and proper Payroll Tax Returns.

  • Pay employees as requested and properly withhold taxes.

  • Properly withhold and submit withheld amounts for retirement contributions, medical, child support, and other deductions

  • Accurately enter payroll to the accounting system.

  • Make timely payments of payroll taxes to Federal and State agencies.

  • File monthly, quarterly and annual Tax Returns and Filings.

  • Balance payroll tax liabilities and payments to the accounting system.

Tax & Compliance

Ladwig Accounting Services prepares your annual Federal and State Tax Returns or works with your Tax Preparer to complete them. In addition, we analyze quarterly profitability in order to calculate and pay estimated taxes so that taxes are paid timely. Our services include:

  • Prepare and enter end-of-year adjusting accounting entries.

  • Prepare and file 1099s to Recipients and the IRS.

  • Prepare and file Federal and State Tax Returns.

  • Analyze quarterly profitability to estimate taxes due.

  • Prepare and process estimated tax payments.

Invoicing &
Accounts Receiveable

Do you invoice clients rather than getting paid immediately? Our Invoicing and Accounts Receivable process prepares and sends invoices to clients and then monitors outstanding invoices to ensure timely payment. We process cash receipts and contact clients when invoices are past due. These services include:

  • Invoicing clients as instructed.

  • Generating reports that indicate invoices outstanding.

  • Receiving and depositing client payments.

  • Properly posting payments.

  • Following-up with past due invoices.

Accounts Payable &
Bill Pay

Accounts Payable is the process of receiving vendor bills, recording the bills to be paid and then paying them at the right time. This is used for businesses that do not pay bills immediately when received. Bills are entered and a report is generated that indicates when the bill is due. This process includes an approval process to ensure that only bills approved by the Owner are paid. These services include:

  • Receiving bills via email or mail.

  • Entering approved bills to be paid.

  • Generating reports of bills to be paid.

  • Getting approval for bills to be paid and paying designated bills.

  • Recording the bill payments.

  • Setting up online access and processes for recurring bills.

Business Consulting

If you are starting a new business, or need advice on an existing business, we can help guide you through the formation, accounting and tax requirements for your business. We assist clients with:

  • Determining the appropriate legal formation and tax structure for your business.

  • Setting up an effective and efficient accounting process.

  • Knowing how and when to pay taxes for your business.

  • Determining when to start payroll and your options for processing payroll and paying payroll taxes.

  • Developing and clarifying financial goals and objectives.

Tax Returns

Ladwig Accounting Services offers over 25 years of experience
preparing personal and business Tax Returns. We are often asked
which returns we file. Here is the list!

  • Personal Tax Returns

  • Form 1040 and related forms.

  • Partnership Tax Returns

  • Form 1065 and related forms.

  • S Corp Tax Returns

  • Form 1120-S and related forms.

  • Corporate Tax Returns

  • Form 1120 and related forms.

  • Fiduciary Tax Returns

  • Form 1041 and related forms.

  • Payroll Tax Returns

  • Forms W-2, W-3, 941, 940, 944, State Unemployment Tax Filings.

  • Information Tax Returns

  • Forms 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, 1098.

  • Sales Tax Returns

  • State Sales and Use Tax Filings.

  • Personal Property Tax Filings

  • Personal Property Tax Filings.